Minnesota Scholars involved in the Twin Cities Marathon

Last Sunday, Oct. 7, several Minnesota Evans Scholars participated in the Twin Cities Marathon. Sixteen Scholars were generous enough to give up their time to volunteer in the event, riding SAG busses and working event security.

Amanda Polanski, the chapter's philanthropy chair organized the event with the TCM staff. She said that the event went very smoothly.

"We have a really good relationship with the TCM staff; they were eager to have us back!"

She said the Scholars did a great job, and she was really glad she and her fellow Scholars were able to experience some of the strength, perseverance and dedication displayed by the runners.

In addition to the large number of volunteers, three Scholars: Alum Grant Alex, junior Mike Brown and freshman, Noah Xiong actually ran the full 26.2 miles!

Mike was a cross country and track athlete in high school, but he said that his big motivator for running a marathon was his mom.

"My mom was a big marathoner, and we have always bonded over running, so it was just natural that I would give it a shot myself one day."

Mike trained all during the summer and put up an impressive three hours and 15-minute time.

Noah, another cross country/track athlete, said that running a marathon has always been on his bucket list.

"I knew that I wanted to do one as soon as I got into college."

Noah said that finishing the last six miles was a huge test of mental toughness.

"I could barely stand, let alone move, after I finished, but it felt great knowing that I did it."

Despite not being able to train as much as he wanted during the summer, he said he still finished faster than his goal time!

Grant was not an avid runner during high school, but took up running marathons last year when he ran the Chicago Marathon. He recalled a conversation he had with a fellow runner the year before.

"A fellow participant told me in Chicago that I will be surprised at how addicting running marathons can be."

His inspiration to keep running is to continue collecting more notches on his belt.

"I'm determine to keep chasing this incredible feeling."