Saying Goodbye to the Class of 2018

It has certainly been an interesting semester at the Minnesota Evans Chapter house with the house flooding and scholars being relocated all over to different parts of campus. With the aspect of group living made much more difficult, scholars were finally able to meet for the last two chapter meetings of the year at their house and be together before parting ways for the summer and saying goodbye to a wonderful senior class. At the final meeting of the year, each of the seniors deliver a "pass the gavel" speech to the house including advice to younger scholars, fun memories, and their plans for the future. Each speech is concluded with the senior knocking the chapter president's gavel on the podium and receiving their graduation stole and plaque. Each senior is taking a very exciting and different direction from the rest. Here are their plans:

Grant Alex will be serving as a USGA P.J. Boatwright Intern with the Minnesota Golf Association. He said that it is his goal to begin a career in golf administration to make an impact on the game that has given him so much.

Jenna Baker is taking a year off before applying to graduate school to pursue a PhD in family therapy. This year she will be working on the editing staff for the Journal of Family Social Sciences and working as a therapist for families in Minneapolis.

Pat Dee is working construction over the summer as he finishes his application for the Navy. If everything goes as planned he will be shipped off for Navy Officer Candidate School in the fall or early winter. His goal is to graduate to flight school to become a Naval Aviator to fly F-35?s.

Jon Delaney is graduating with a degree in actuary science and has recently accepted a position at Integrated Health Services as a Financial Analyst in Downtown Minneapolis. He will be working on pricing physicians pay and other hospital related expenses. He recommends joining both major specific clubs and fun clubs to stay active and meet new people as well as get more networking opportunities that will help down the road for letters of recommendation or references to companies when applying to jobs or internships.

Sarah Katona is flying to South Africa to volunteer and travel for 2.5 months starting this summer. Afterwards, she will be moving to Boston to pursue a career in speech hearing sciences. She told her younger scholars to stay grateful and eager to learn.

Jack Lange just finished a research project dealing with groundwater exchange using a temperature profile inverse model in Riparian Wetland and will be pursuing a career in software engineering.

Nathan Romportl is in the process of interviewing for Product Design positions at Target, Kablooe Design, DecoPac, and Quality Bike Products. His advice was to try things you think you might be interested in because you never know what direction it can take you in life. Be open to the likelihood that your interests will develop and become clearer as you experience new things. Don't be afraid to ask about anything you might be curious about and don't settle for anything you aren't passionate about.

Joey Schwappach will be continuing work with Hays Companies in downtown Minneapolis. Joey said to get a head start on networking and career interests because it will definitely pay off down the road.

Alex Turner is looking forward to graduating with a degree in computer science next fall and will be interning at Optum this summer.

Karah VueBenson is graduating with a degree in Geography and will be working and studying for the LSAT post-graduation. Karah gave her younger scholars this piece of advice: "If you find a professor that you really get along with or like their work/research, talk to them at office hours! Just bring one pre-written question to ask them, if you're nervous, and let the conversation come on its own. Be sure to let them know you think their work is cool!"

Congratulations Minnesota Evans scholar class of 2018, we are very excited to see the amazing things that you will do with your lives!