MN Evans Scholars stay united during flooding

The cold winters of Minneapolis really hit the Minnesota Evans Scholars hard this January when one of the main water pipes in the Scholarship House burst on the third level and caused water damage to the entirety of the House at the end of winter break. With the start of the spring semester quickly approaching, officials had to act efficiently to find all of the MN Evans Scholars places to live for the duration of the semester. Some Scholars chose to commute from home, while others were relocated to university apartments around campus. Despite the split, Scholars remain united and continue to live out one of the most important parts of being an Evans Scholar as stated in the Code and Creed: "Personal growth is our goal, group living is our means."

The Scholars continue to hold biweekly chapter meetings, as well as play intramural sports together, watch the super bowl, participate in a career night fair and even travel to Chicago together for the annual Evans Scholars Winter Outing.

Restoration teams have been on site working diligently to repair the Scholarship House for the upcoming fall semester, and some Scholars should be expected to move back in in April. On behalf of the Minnesota Evans Scholars, thank you to the national and local Directors, Molly Nelson and all others who have worked so hard to find us all comfortable places to live and make this big transition as easy as possible.

ESF official Brian Shell stated earlier, "there are some problems that are out of our control that we can never be prepared for, the best we can do is to work together to overcome the unexpected adversity."

Group living is not a guaranteed privilege as an Evans Scholar, it is something that must be actively worked for, especially during times of unexpected hardship.