New Scholar Day 2017

  • New Scholars, "New Scholar parents," and
    members of our executive Board at trapped
    Escape Rooms in Uptown.
  • Parents and New Scholars joined the rest
    of the chapter at a grill out to end the day.
  • The Minnesota Evans Scholars Class of 2021!

This year, we welcomed the class of 2021 into the Minnesota Evans Scholarship House!

Jenna Baker, our vice president of New Scholars planned a fun and full day. As customary, we began our day with a full chapter meeting. President Jon Delaney called the meeting to order then turned the floor over to our VP, New Scholars, Jenna Baker. The executive board, Graduate Resident Advisors and chairs began by describing their positions and responsibilities within the chapter. Local Minnesota Western Golf Association Directors and our new faculty advisor Molly Nelson welcomed parents and New Scholars.

New Scholars introduced themselves to the current Evans Scholars, as well as introduced their families who came to support them. With the conclusion of our meeting, New Scholars met with the VP, New Scholars, and parents met with our Directors and executive board to answer any outstanding questions about our program.

Following our morning procedures, New Scholars spent the day with their "New Scholar parents," who will serve as a point of contact during the summer, as well as their first semester roommate and lasting mentor.

This year our New Scholars, New Scholar parents, and members of our executive board participated in a few escape room activities in uptown Minneapolis. Following this, the chapter came together to have lunch and watch the final round of the Masters. Later, the chapter participated in our annual dodgeball tournament (one we take very seriously). As the day wound down, we concluded New Scholar Day with a grillout, as parents returned to pick up their New Evans Scholars.

New Scholar Day could not have gone better for us in Minnesota, and we had a fantastic time getting to know this new class of caddies.

Congrats once again to our New Scholars: Cynthia Allen, Brooks Beutler, Michael Brown, Martin Burg, Michael Carlson, Dawson Dee, Will Fredrickson, Calista Hughes, Samuel Hunt, David Katona, Joshua Peterson, Amanda Polanski, Joshua Polanski, Marc Siegler, and Jerett Smith.