Enrichment week for 16 New Scholars at the UMN

On Aug. 25, 16 new Minnesota Evans Scholars came from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois to move into the MN Scholarship House for a week of enrichment before the start of the fall semester.

The transition to college is a big and often stressful event. Many Scholars are away from their families for the first time in their lives and have to learn self-motivation for classes that are often much more difficult than the ones they took in high school. The purpose of enrichment week is to help Scholars become acquainted with their new campus and living on their own before the responsibilities of school begin.

Throughout the week, New Scholars participate in activities with the executive board including: setting up their rooms, learning their way around campus, attending the State Fair, swimming at the quarries and learning Evans Scholar traditions.

Here are how some New Scholars described their first experiences in the Scholarship House:

Colleen Danisz, a freshman from Illinois, said that leaving her family was very tough and that finding her way around such a large campus was daunting, but she was excited to live on her own for the first time in such a nice space. "It's going to be so much easier than living in the dorms."

Jasmin Sanchez, another freshman from Illinois, said that she was surprised at how well everyone has gotten along so far. "I wasn't expecting to be friends with so many people so quickly!"

David Sheldon, freshman from Hopkins, Minnesota, said the most difficult part of adjusting so far has been learning how to navigate the huge UMN campus and learning to live with a complete stranger. He said he is now getting to be good friends with his roommate. He also said he is really excited to have his own space and make his own independent decisions. "Meeting like-minded people who are willing to help with my schooling and also have fun has been great."

Every year, the New Scholars elect a class president. The New Scholars who want to run give a short speech in front of their class on why they think they would be fit for the position. This year, they elected  Jimmy Nguyen.

The future is looking bright for these New Scholars, with intended majors ranging from graphic design, to psychology to electrical engineering. Together, they have set a goal to achieve a 3.5 cumulative GPA among the 16 of them. We are looking forward to a great year getting to know all of these outstanding Scholars.